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Small Business Transactions are up 15%!

According to BIZBUYSELL, Small Business Transactions are up at a record high since 2008 right before the market crashed.

It is not surprising to see this number going high, especially since now the term Business Broker is more and more recognized. But do you think it has anything to do with the economic factors? Including the election?

Recently there has been a stabilizing Real Estate Market in Southern Nevada with not enough sellers to satisfy homes under 250k. Some say it may be because of the election.

While business owners are putting up their business for sale, a recent survey shows that owners are not confident about what the future brings and want to sell while the market is hot. On another note buyers are wanting to wait another year because they believe the can get a better deal.

It is important to note all of these factors when thinking about selling your business or even just to know the health of your business. Call it a regular health check-up of your small business.

If you are interested in receiving a free no obligation Brokers Opinion of Value email us today and you can receive a list of things to increase the value.

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